Added in April 2024 3 April …

Added in April 2024 3 April UPDATE - Q&A on Pharmacovigilance Legislation NEW - Procedural advice on Zero Day MR Procedures NEW - Minutes of the Meeting of a subgroup of CMDh with Interested Parties dedicated to LoSC and publication of PI updates NEW - Art. 46 PAR on Verorab (Rabies virus, inactivated) NEW - Art. 46 PAR on Triptorelin (Decapeptyl, Diphereline, [...]

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Palexia and associated names…

Palexia and associated names (tapentadol hydrochloride) DE/W/083/pdWS/001 End of Procedure: 01/07/2014 Date of Publication: 09/10/2014 DE/W/083/pdWS/002 End of Procedure: 15/12/2014 Date of Publication: 30/01/2015 DE/W/123/pdWS/001 End of Procedure: 10/12/2019 Date of Publication: 09/03/2020 DE/W/124/pdWS/001 End of Procedure: 19/11/2019 Date of Publication: 09/03/2020 DE/W/125/pdWS/001 End of Procedure: 16/03/2020 Date of Publication: 11/05/2020

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