Added in May 2023 22 May NEW – 23-25 May agenda 3 May UPDATE – Assessment report template for the nitrosamine risk assessment for the outcome of step 2 – “nitrosamine detected”  UPDATE – CMDh practical guidance for Marketing Authorisation Holders of nationally authorised products (incl. MRP/DCP) in relation to the Art. 5(3) Referral on Nitrosamines UPDATE – Template – D100 CMS Comments UPDATE – Template – D145 CMS Comments UPDATE – Template – D205 CMS Comments UPDATE – Template for the End of Procedure in MRP/RUP NEW – Art 46 assessment report for Riamet (artemether/lumefantrine) NEW – Outcome of PSUSA follow-up via variation – Levonorgestrel intra-uterine devices (LNG-IUDs) 2 May NEW – Report from the meeting held on 24-25 April