Common Repository (User Interface and API) is now extended to include the following types of submissions related to procedures for Human Medicinal Products: Signal Detection, PASS 107 NAPs, Work share NAPs and Ancillary products for new submissions from the 8th of March 2018 onwards. This will be followed by a transitional period of 6-9 months, during which all NCAs will have time to adapt their systems and business processes in order to switch to the sole use of the Common Repository. During the transitional period, NCAs can still receive submissions directly from applicants, but they will also have the opportunity to switch to the sole use of the Common Repository during this period as and when they are ready to do so. Following the transitional period, the use of the Common Repository for above submissions will become mandatory for all NCAs. The date for the mandatory use is not yet decided. An updated version of the eSubmission Gateway XML delivery file user interface is now available. The eSubmission Gateway update will introduce improvements and new fields to the user interface. This change is a further step towards integration of the XML delivery file and the Formatted Table Template; however this release does not affect yet the use of the Formatted Table Template. Please note that the delivery files created prior to the new release should work following the deployment of the new versions.