The use of the Formatted Letter Template will become obsolete as of 1st January 2019. This will concern all EMA Human and Veterinary submission (including PSUSA procedures) and companies should no longer use the Formatted Template as a part of the Cover Letter in Module 1 of eCTD sequences or Part 1 of VNeeS dossier. From 1 January 2019, the Formatted Letter Template will not be maintained by EMA and the document and references will be removed from EMA corporate website. Users are required to fill in all the submissions attributes correctly through the eSubmission Web UI by creating a .XMLdelivery file, as all attributes in the .XML delivery file are used to support important searches in the Common Repository. Use of the .XML will also support EMA internal processes by significantly reducing the time required for receiving, processing, and validating incoming applications, and ensures continuous and immediate access to up-to-date dossiers. Please note that incorrect submissions may lead to procedural delays of incoming applications.