New version of all four eAFs is now available to allow the users a short transitional period before the start of the mandatory use of the form. The changes in this version of the forms (v1.24.0.1) relate to the Member State, OMS and Country fields in all 4 forms and the changes are implemented due to the end of the transitional period following Brexit and in the view of the Northern Ireland protocol. The changes, in summary, are either addition of a new ‘country’ United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) in the EU and EEA country lists and removal of United Kingdom from the EU and EEA country lists in RMS. Additionally, 3 new country ‘groupings’ have been created in RMS to either remove or add United Kingdom or United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) where these terms should or shouldn’t be displayed. Some minor amendments to which country grouping certain fields are pointing have also been made. The short transitional period will coincide with the transitional period with the previous version of the eAFs (v1.23.1.3 variation, renewal, MAA Vet)/ MAA Human) which was initially planned to end on 15th of December 2020. The users are now allowed to submit applications using version until the end of 2020. The version has been removed from the eAF however, it does remain acceptable for submissions until the end of 2020. The new Brexit related version can be used for procedures starting after 1.1.2021. There will be a short transitional period for the use of previous version until the 15th of January for those applications that do not require use of terms United Kingdom or United Kingdom (Northern Ireland).
From 1st of January 2021 term United Kingdom will be removed from EU/EEA country grouping and it will no longer be available for selection in any version of the forms (in the fields where EU/EEA countries are listed).