The EMA would like to inform applicants and Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAHs) that as part of the development of the Substance, Product, Organisation and Referential (SPOR) data management services, and in anticipation to the upcoming Digital Application Dataset Integration (DADI) project, the registration in Organisation Management Service (OMS) will become mandatory from the 1st of August 2021 for new sites and organisations to be registered for a Medicinal Product as part of any regulatory procedure submitted to the Agency. This includes but is not limited to pre-submission phase activities (eligibility requests, pre-submission meeting requests, change in contact person requests, …), marketing authorisation applications, line extensions and variations (type IA, IB and II) and renewals. The EMA would like to emphasise the importance of site registration in OMS before the regulatory submission. This will avoid any delay in the start of these applications as applicants will be requested to register the site(s)/organisations during validation and prior to the start of the procedure.