An updated version of the eSubmission Gateway Web Client will become available on Saturday 23rd of September 2017. The eSubmission Gateway Web Client update will introduce an updated user interface with some updated functionality. The user guide ‘How to send submissions via the Web Client’ has been updated and is available. Romania is now using the Common Repository to receive Referral submissions. Please do not send any Referral submissions (including CAPs and NAPs) to Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Latvia and Romania, as these types of submissions are now retrieved via the Common Repository. The eCTD v4.0 working group is organising a face-to-face vendor meeting at BfArM in Bonn, Germany on 6th of October 2017. This is an opportunity for all eCTD tool vendors to discuss open points and ask questions on eCTD v4.0 EU Module 1 Implementation Guide. All vendors are invited, at their own expense to take part. All participants must register in advance, by 22nd September 2017 to