Version 1.22 of the electronic Application Forms (eAFs) will become available on 15 December 2017.The release v1.22 will provide integration with OMS from SPOR (Organisational/address data), usability improvements and technical defect fixes. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is planned to support the release of this next version of the forms. testing by Industry and NCAs will take place. Industry: from Mon 13/11/17 to Fri 20/11/17 – NCAs*: from Mon 23/11/17 to Fri 27/11/17(*Based on the eAFs received from Industry) If you wish to participate, please register by email with A feedback form for consolidated comments will be provided to you following your registration. A kick-off meeting is planned to take place on 13th November 2017 to explain the new features.